Awesome and Easy Hors D’oeuvres – Italian Tomato Bruschetta

Italian Tomato Bruschetta, Photo by BeckyLee620, Flickr commons

Here is a perfect appetizer that is a little classy but so quick and easy to prepare. On top of that, it tastes fantastic and sure to be enjoyed and appreciated by all of your guests. Some of my favorite and most delicious recipes are hidden in simplicity, like this one. If you would like to go directly to the recipe simply scroll down and click on the button that says next page.

The origin of hors doeuvres or appetizers is interesting, They are meant to whet or stimulate the appetite and get one ready for the main course of the meal.

Stimulating the appetite is a balancing act that must at the same time, tantalize but never fill the guest up.

How many times have you filled up during the cocktail hour of a feast and then were too full for the entree?

If you want to make an Italian flavored Hors d'oeuvre, the best and easiest is bruschetta. From the Italian “bruscare” or “to roast over coals” tomato bruschetta is a tantalizing appetizer that is also deceptively simple to prepare.

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