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Ham and Pickle Roll Ups, Photo by Steven Depolo, Flickr commons

Easily Make Ham and Pickle Roll Ups that Rock

Here is a fun and easy appetizer that is perfect for any gathering. This is a recipe that kids have fun helping with and love eating as well. The key is to make plenty for your event and plenty to enjoy before the event. They simply taste so good that it is hard to stop

Deviled Eggs, Photo by Boris Mann, Flickr commons

Easy Angelic Deviled Egg Recipe

One of the most welcomed hors d’oeuvres, or complements, to a special gathering are deviled egss. These wonderful angelic deviled eggs are quite delicious and easy to quickly prepare. You will also soon discover that these are a real crowd pleaser. If you would like to go directly to the recipe simply click on the

Pierogi, Photo by Lynn Gardner , Flickrt commons

The Polish Pierogi Recipe Perfected

The Pierogi is a delightful pasta shell full of quality potatoes with cheese or onions or combinations. Pierogies also are sometimes filled with mushrooms, sauerkraut, and vegetables. The heritage of the pierogle is authentically Polish, but the concept of a dough wrapper to a meat or cheese filling is virtually universal. Its Jewish cousin is

VIDEO] Amazing Cheeseburger Stuffed Mushrooms

Here are some awesome appetizers that are quick and easy to make and taste amazing. Watch this video and learn exactly what you need and how to quckly create these delicious morsals. They even taste better than they sound and they sound delicious To go directly to the video simply click on the “Next Page”

Baked Empanadas, Photo by joeybinx77, Flickr commons

Baked Empanadas – The Ultimate Appetizers

This recipe is for a Spanish-style appetizer that is filled with spicy flavor. It is a great make-ahead appetizer or snack that you can place in the freezer to have ready any time you have unexpected company or just when you crave a great tasting treat. Baked Empanadas Filling ingredients; 12 ounces of chorizo or

[VIDEO] Make the Ultimate Spinich and Artichoke Dip

This fantastic spinich and artichoke dip isnot only good on holidays, but great any time you want a delicious appetizer. In this video Natasha takes you through every step of preparing the ultimate spinich and artichoke dip. If you want an amazing appetizer that you simply can’t get enough of then this is it. It

Homemade Nachos, photo by weria, Flickr commons

Make the Ultimate Homemade Nachos

Who doesn’t love a big fresh plate of nachos that is full of your favorite mexican food flavors and smuthered with cheese and generous portions of guacamole, sour cream,  and salsa? This delicious homemade nachos recipe makes the pleasure of enjoying nachos super fantastic. Nachos are triangles of tortilla that have been deep fried until