Fresh Strawberries and Cucumber Salad

Strawberries and Cucumber Salad, Photo by Phancouver, Flickr commons

You are in for a real pleasant surprise with this delightful unlikely combination. The flavors are wonderful the  way they actually work together in this delicious salad. You will be so glad that you tried this very yummy salad.


One of the more surprising salad combinations is strawberries and cucumbers. Sounds like a strange mix, doesn't it? Who would have thought such a combination would work fantastic together. Top that combo with almonds and some honey, and you're bound to make an impression on your guests. If you're looking for an unusual salad that tastes delicious yet is inexpensive and easy to make, look no further.


The total preparation time for this type of salad is no more than thirty minutes. The ingredients listed are the ideal amount for a party of four; increase or decrease as you see fit.


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