Vickie Reveals Her Amazing Heavenly Potatoes Recipe

Heavenly Potatoes, Photo by luvhandles, Flickr commons

Until you have tried Vickies truly awesome heavenly potatoes for yourself you just haven't enjoyed one of the true pleasures of life. You are about to get a treasure of a recipe that will change how you enjoy potatoes forever. This dish is guaranteed to be the hit of every gathering it is shared. In fact, you may want to go ahead and share it with your friends on Facebook right now as they will be begging for this recipe anyway when they taste it for themselves.

Vickie Bateman was very kind and generous to share her wonderful heavenly potatoes recipe with the faithful followers of Recipe Corral.  Vickie grew up, and still lives, in the heart of Idaho's premium potato producing region, and as you might expect, has collected many delicious potato recipes over the years. Of all of the wonderful potato recipes that she has available to her,  this heavenly potato recipe is the sure winner for awesomeness in every way.

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